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What Will I Learn?
    • How to create 3 Master Traders Systems on multiple time frames, adjust them for volatility, and use them on multiple currencies
    • How the economy shifts on a daily basis, how to catch the break out and trade the daily trading range
    • How to trade the Masters Traders System on the daily trading range on multiple / 6 currencies at a time
    • Where to get in using the Master trader systems and where to get out with stops and limits and why,
    • How to trade the Masters systems for long, medium and short term trading – set it and forget it!
    • Your predominate personality via a personality test and how to create a personalized trading system and plan  that best fits your personality.
What Do I Get?
    • One-on-One, ands on interaction for 3 days with the FXCHIEF as well as Live 3 day training and Instruction from the FXCHIEF and his team of traders
    • Live experience trading in the markets using the Masters systems with the FXCHIEF
    • 3 Trading systems he created and uses to trade live in the market
    • A detailed manual with all the instructions, rules and checklists
Who Should Take This Class? (Requirements)
    • Traders that have taken phase one and two of the UTP
    • Traders that have executed trades at least on a demo account
    • Traders that have the MTI4.0 and members of

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