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  1. Who is Jared Martinez?
  2. Who is the FX Chief™?
  3. How long has Jared been trading the Forex?
  4. When did Jared Martinez found Market Traders Institute?
  5. What is Jared’s Title at Market Traders Institute?
  6. Is Jared actively involved in MTI?
  7. How long is Jared’s Mastery Class?
  8. Has Jared written any books?
  9. Does Jared still actively teach his forex systems?
  10. Have there been any major achievements of MTI or the FXCHIEF that can provide any assurance of a quality course or an integral course?

Question: Who is Jared Martinez?


Jared Martinez is a Forex professional who has traded the Forex since 1993. He is the author of several Forex books Including the Best Selling “10 Essentials to Forex Trading” ( buy now) He is the Founder of the world wide company Market Traders Institute and is heavily involved in every aspect of the company, including Teaching, Mentoring, and trading with clients around the world.

Question: Who is the FX Chief™?


the FX Chief™ is Jared Martinez’s Forex moniker. He was given the name by his clients due to his Indian Heritage and how he guides, mentors and leads his Students on the forex.

Question: How long has Jared been trading the Forex?


Since 1992.

Question: When did Jared Martinez found Market Traders Institute?


Jared started training people to trade on the forex in 1994 through a DBA of a Florida corporation called Market Traders. In 2002, he formally incorporated Market Traders Institute, Inc.

Question: What is Jared’s Title at Market Traders Institute?


Jared Martinez is the Founder of Market Traders Institute.

Question: Is Jared actively involved in MTI?


Yes, although not responsible for the day to day operations, Jared is actively involved in daily market analysis, online mentor, on-site training and developing future forex trading strategies.

Question: How long is Jared’s Mastery Class?


Its a three day intensive, hands on training class.

Question: Has Jared written any books?


Jared has written and authored several books and lessons on the Forex market. He created the Ultimate Traders Package that has 16 lessons and written several books with “The 10 Essentials of Forex Trading” becoming a best seller.

Question: Does Jared still actively teach his forex systems?


Yes, Jared is very active in teaching Market Trader clients worldwide. He has created several classes taught by Forex professionals to include, the Ultimate traders class, trade like a professional Class, Scalping the Forex Market Class, Forex System trading class, MTI Long-term Swing trading class and his more popular class exclusively taught by the FXCHIEF himself The Forex Mastery Course where advanced traders from around the world come to learn and be taught by Jared personally in a one on one intimate small class setting. In the masters class you learn Master techniques and then trade live in the markets with the Chief!

Question: Have there been any major achievements of MTI or the FXCHIEF that can provide any assurance of a quality course or an integral course?


Yes, Jared Martinez and Market traders Institute have been given the highest honors to any written course or book. The MTI forex course is the only Forex course in the world that has been approve by ACE (Accredited College Education) and is now being offered as a 3 credit course in Major universities around the world to include online universities. ( learn more ) have that click on the collage course website;

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